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Best Septic DIY Treatment

Best Septic System Fix Restore Treatment DIY Tips

I got to where every time it would rain, my sewer system would come to a complete stop. Shopping for the best septic treatment chemicals additives that would open the leach field lines and get the sewer working again.

Has your septic system failed? If weeks after you had your septic tank pumped out, and water is still draining too slow, don't call the septic repair service! They will charge you $1,200 to do an air lift job that might not work. Even worse is they will want to dig up your yard for $5,000.
The problem with your septic system is that your leaching lines are plugged or the gravel around the leach field lines are gunked up not allowing water to flow into the soil. This problem is normally caused by salts, chlorine, bleach, and antibacterial soaps that have entered your system and killed the good bacteria that liquidfies the goo.
Is rain your enemy? If a rainy day causes your drain system to come to a halt, a gunked-up leach field is the problem.
The solution?

Shock the hell out of your septic system!

This is a do-it-yourself (DIY) trick you want to try first as it it cheap and it should work 90% of the time. The best septic treatment chemicals are normally sold through septic service companies. The weak stuff is what you will find at hardware stores and home centers. There are some professional grade septic treatment chemicals additives you can find online. The best brands are listed below. The results should be the same with any of them.

You can see the reviews on Amazon with the below links:

  • Unique Natural Products
  • Microbe-Lift (Ecological Laboratories)
  • Green Pig (personal favorite)
  • Robic K-570. (don't confuse with the K-57 retail store stuff)
  • Bio-Clean
  • Bio-Active (works just like Green Pig)
  • BiOWiSH Septic Rescue
  • CLR Pro Septic Treatment and Drain Care. Heavy duty!

    Shock Method Septic Treatment With Enzyme Bateria:

    This DIY trick has worked with all rental properties, and it should work for you. You want to create a bacteria frenzy just short of a nuclear reaction. Add a one year supply of septic treatment to your system all at once. I use the Unique, Microbe-Lift, or Green Pig brands because they are cheap and powerful. Pour 50% in the toilet and flush, and 50% down the big vent pipe above your bathroom (on the roof), followed with one gallon of very warm water. An half hour later, flush the toilet one more time just to make sure the goods get to your septic tank. Now take a 24 hour vacation without adding any more water to your system. An 48 hour vacation is even better! The bacteria microbes will grow in your tank at a rate of 20 times or more per hour. The longer you wait the more powerful. For the first week after treatment, cut all of your water useage by at least 50%. This trick is inexpensive and has worked every time for me. If after one month the system is still sluggish, repeat the process. With 12 houses having septic systems, I have never had to have one repaired. Just pumping out the tank every 6 years has worked fine.

    Last Resort - Restore Dead System With Hydrogen Peroxide
    I purchased (or stole) an old farm house at auction, knowing the leach field was bad. The Hydrogen Peroxide trick got it working again, saving me a lot of backhoe work.
    If it takes longer than 5 minutes for 1 toilet flush to go down, you need to start from scratch. This method will kill all bacteria in your septic tank, but should get your leach lines flowing again. This method is used by many municipal sewer departments, but on a larger scale.
    Use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to wear gloves and goggles. Pour two gallons in your toilet, wait 15 minutes then pour two gallons of warm water in your toilet. Wait 2 hours, then pour two more gallons of warm water in the toilet. Do not run any more water down the drain for 24 hours.
    Now repeat the process with the hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Wait another 24 hours, then you can start using your sewer like normal. It should get a little better each day as the hydrogen peroxide is being pused through the leach lines. This method will cost you about $130-$160 for 4 gallons of hydrogen peroxide, but is much cheaper than replacing the the leach field. It is worth the try.
    In about 4 weeks, restart the bacteria with Green Pig or any other good brand.

    Trapped Gasses Problem
    Trapped sewer gas can mimic a septic system problem. The trapped gas in the septic tank makes the toilet contents have trouble going down the drain. This is caused by a plugged vent pipe; the bigger pipe sticking out of your roof above the bathroom. Another symptom is a sour sewer smell in your house that you can't really tell where it is coming from. Soap, grease, and undigested paper can cause the plug. The hard way to fix it is to climb on your roof with a sewer snake and fight to get the plug undone. The easy way is to pour 1/2 bottle of lye drain opener into the vent pipe followed with a half gallon of cold water. Do not get this on you as it burns like hell. Do not use lye if you have plastic PVC pipes. Another option is to use Drano Max, even though it is not friendly for your septic system. Two weeks later, add Green Pig, CLR, Unique, or other treatment to get your bacteria going again.

  • Septic additives Unique Digester, Microbe Lift, Bio-Clean, Green Pig, and Septic Klean septic system treatment

    Self Septic Restore

    Open Leach Line Field Chemicals

    Best Septic Tank Maintenance additives Product for Septic Odor, for stopping septic tank odors and septic problems leach field It completely liquefies materials such as oils, fats, greases keeping septic systems 35% Hydrogen Peroxide non-clogging and free flowing, as well as preventing septic odors and other septic tank problems. Safe for the environment. Nebraska Nevada North Dakota Shreveport LA Michigan Fresno Wichita KS Kentucky Louisiana Alaska Texas Racine Alabama Arizona Hawaii Idaho Illinois Wisconsin Clearwater Hollywood Allentown South Dakota Tenneessee Escondido Irvine Ontario Pomona Sunnyvale Arvada Westminster Stamford New Mexico Delaware Florida Nashville TN Houston TX Indianapolis IN Milwaukee WI New York City NYC Norfolk VA Birmingham AL Minnesota Tucson Ohio Oklahoma Chandler Raliegh Newark NJ Buffalo El Paso Austin Boston MA Charlotte Columbia SC Akron Seattle WA Phoenix Saint Louis MO Tulsa OK San Antonio Rochester NY Kansas City KS Portland OR Toledo Charlotte NC Clarksville Beaumont Wyoming St Mesa AZ Sacramento Lexington KY Peoria Fort Wayne South Bend Olathe Topeka Lafayette Worcester Unique Digester, Microbe Lift, Bio-Clean, Green Pig, CLR and Septic Klean septic system treatment Springfield Lansing Warren Independence Henderson Manchester NH Elizabeth Rochester Cary Norman Salem Virginia New York North Carolina Vancouver Arkansas California New Jersey Dayton Des Moines IA Cleveland Denver CO San Diego CA San Francisco Jose Columbus OH Atlanta GA Indiana Colorado Connecticut Maine Maryland Massachusetts Cincinnati Oklahoma City Omaha NE Little Rock AR Minneapolis MN South Carolina Sport Bike Cheap Tires 190/50ZR17 Inexpensive Mens Suits Black

    Ohio State System Maintenance Septic tanks are installed to allow solids to settle out of sewage and hold these solids in the tank 35% Hydrogen Peroxide. Microbe Lift, Bio-Clean, Green Pig, Jelmar CLR, Unique Digester, and Septic Klean Over the years of operating, accumulated solids begin taking up too much room in the tank. Oakland Chicago IL Memphis Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Georgia Montana Provo UT Denton Garland Lubbock Hampton Jacksonville FL Washington DC Muncie Boise ID Glendale Scottsdale Unique Digester, Microbe Lift, Bio-Clean, Green Pig, and Septic Klean septic system treatment chemicales Corona Downey Tacoma Amarillo Rockford Oceanside Pittsburgh New Hampshire Iowa Kansas Philadlphia PA Los Angeles CA Richmond Virginia Beach Detroit MI Tampa Las Vegas NV New Orleans Miami Louisville Baltimore MD Dallas Mississippi Missouri Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington DC West Joliet

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